The small Episcopal, Baptist and Congregational churches in the village joined to form a new, ecumenical ministry, blending traditions and resources. This lively community of faith grew when the Methodist congregation came into the fold in 1971 and Trinity Church as we know it today was born.

Thomas J. Montgomery (1844-1900) came to Shelburne Falls from Boston about 1882 with his wife Harriet Johnson Montgomery. He apparently fell in love with Shelburne Falls and, after buying the spacious Joseph W. Gardner home (now the Smith-Kelleher Funeral Home), he built three identical houses on Maple and Severance streets for his wife’s sisters. In 1884, he built and donated the Emmanuel Memorial Episcopal Church, now Trinity Church.

The neo-Gothic style sanctuary is home to a 14-rank Opus 1189 Hook & Hastings organ that has never been moved since its installation.

The Church is fully physically accessible and has a commercial-grade kitchen and dining hall, available for public rental.